Whatsapp scams fake links fake apk Nepali naughty girl

Whatsapp scams fake links fake apk Nepali naughty girl
Whatsapp scams fake links fake apk Nepali naughty girl


Radhe Sharma, whose name has been changed, is a 29-year-old from Ramechhap who runs a general grocery store in Kathmandu. Seven years ago, Sharma moved to Kathmandu in order to provide her daughter with a high-quality education. She has not even passed SLC.

Come to the shop at 9 AM, go to the room at 8 PM. This is Sharma’s daily practice in Kathmandu.

He was instructed to install WhatsApp on his mobile phone a few months ago by the dealers who brought the goods, who assured him that staying in touch would be simple. Sharma was able to gradually use WhatsApp after installing the application. He was able to get in touch with his family and order any necessary goods thanks to WhatsApp.

For a few months, everything was going well in this way. In the late evening of May 8, he received a WhatsApp message from an Ncell number that read, “Are you also looking for a sex partner? Install the Nepali Virgin Girl apk and start looking for a sex partner now. In addition, the rate, photo, and contact information are displayed. This component is accessible wherever in Nepal. Check out the screenshot to see how to install the app.

At the lower part of this message was the Nepali Virgin Girl.apk document and underneath that some screen captures were set. Sharma wanted to know more about the app as soon as she saw the screenshot. According to he, “Individuals wouldn’t fret, in the wake of seeing that there is such an application, I clicked to check whether it is in the period of innovation.”

Sharma, who went to read general articles, was unable to follow the instructions. And simply exited the app. He likewise hindered the Ncell number that sent such messages. After that, he was unable to use WhatsApp.

At Sharma’s house, a standard pooja was performed the following day. He got distracted by that. After getting some time off from work, Sharma answered the phone, having been working from home for two to four days.

His phone, which was only used to view WhatsApp messages, did not open the application. WhatsApp wasn’t even very important to me. “I left it that way after it was closed, knowing that we will do it,” he says.

He received an unexpected call on June 13 from a postpaid number that began with 985. When the call came, the individual reprimanded Sharma by saying, “I will send such a message.”

Sharma had no idea what was causing the men to shake. “Later, while talking, the same message that I received was also sent to his number from my WhatsApp number,” says Sharma, recalling the first call he received in this manner. “I didn’t understand why such a person suddenly insulted me.” I don’t have the foggiest idea how it went.”

After that, he began to grow weary of receiving hundreds of calls each day. In addition, he went to the Maharajganj Police Circle and explained everything in order to comprehend how he got into such a mess.

Indeed, even from that point forward, he began getting calls from many places day to day. Digital Department group additionally called about this.

According to him, “There was also a call from the bureau saying that people using postpaid SIMs should not be scammed in this manner.”

Whatsapp scams fake links fake apk Nepali naughty girl

The bureau recommended removing the account from all accounts that shared a mobile number and email address. And requested that the phone number and email remain separate at the bank. Sharma didn’t lose any money because he didn’t keep money in his mobile banking account. Be that as it may, more than the monetary misfortune, he started to have more mental pressure. He is getting sick of responding to the same responses to hundreds of calls each day.

Despite the fact that he has taken out his record from all places, the calls are expanding step by step saying that he will send such messages. ” From my WhatsApp, such messages have been sent to the accounts of numerous individuals. I am being slammed by a lot of people. I personally am a casualty. The telephone numbers that come to me have likewise caused me a great deal of agony,” he said.

“If you pick up the phone, you will be subjected to abuse; if you do not, you will receive a message. With a frustrated expression and a sigh, Sharma says, “Switched off, it’s like I spread the app.”

He receives calls about that app each day from various individuals. Notwithstanding, many do it on Fridays and Saturdays. ” On Friday, individuals are attempting to spruce up, around then they are tapping on the connection of the application called Nepali Virgin Young lady. They call me after clicking,” Sharma recalls, recalling the constant phone calls.

He tells the story of how many people expressed their grief, claiming that the message had ruined their day. “Bad Friday happened because you came out as Good Friday,” he says. Everything the cash in the bank is no more. They say, “What a strain.”

When Sharma hears these things, he asks, “What are you doing, sir?” He has no other choice except for to switch off the SIM to keep away from calls from individuals. Consequently, he plans to visit Telecom early on Sunday to close the SIM.

He is more stressed that many individuals have lost their well deserved cash as a result of him and that his family members have gotten such messages from his number. “If it happens to you, people will understand,” he says. Now, no link from an unknown number should be clicked on.

He also requested to be alert in a Facebook status update.

In the past, Sharma also received messages of this kind. In particular, he received numerous messages claiming to have won the $25 million lottery. He once wanted to know more about how to get money there. However, because he was so busy with work, he forgot about the lottery.

One of my brothers is a bank employee. After he made sense of that it was shipped off twist, I quit thinking often about it,” he describes. Sharma has now fallen into a very large trap by opening the link with the mindset that she does not know what will happen. He has caused many people’s lives to be destroyed, money to disappear, and he has begun to feel sorry for himself.


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