Top 10 weird websites of internet

Hello guys today we are gonna talking about the top 10 weird website of internet part 1. If you enjoyed we are going to make part 2 also so read carefully and check it out with your own risk

Disclaimer Below mentioning websites is harmless but visit on your own risk

Top 10 weird website of internet

Top 10 weird websites of internet


It is a web application developed by Google called “Quick, Draw!” .The purpose of the website is to engage users in a game-like activity. where they are prompted to draw simple objects within a specific time limit. The drawings are then interpreted by a machine learning model in real-time. Attempting to recognize and classify the object being drawn. It’s a fun and interactive way to demonstrate the capabilities of machine learning algorithms in image recognition tasks.

9. Mapcrunch

MapCrunch is a website that provides a virtual exploration experience by randomly teleporting users to different locations around the world using Google Street View. When you visit the website, you are presented with a view from a random location, and you can navigate around the area by clicking and dragging the image. The website allows you to explore various cities, landscapes, and landmarks without leaving your computer.

MapCrunch offers a unique way to discover different places globally and can be used for entertainment, inspiration, or even planning future travels. It’s a popular tool for those who enjoy virtually exploring the world or want to discover new locations they may not have considered before.

8. clickclickclick

It is an interactive web experiment that aims to showcase the extensive tracking and data collection that occurs when users browse the internet. When you visit the website, you are presented with a simple interface that encourages you to interact by clicking, moving your mouse, or typing on your keyboard.

The purpose of the website is to demonstrate how various actions you take on a website can generate data points that are tracked and recorded. It aims to raise awareness about online privacy, data collection, and the extent to which our activities are monitored while browsing the internet.

7. cyberthreatmap

CyberThreatMap is a website that provides real-time visualization of global cyber threats and attacks on a world map. The website offers a visual representation of various types of cyber threats, including malware infections, network attacks, data breaches, and other security incidents. Users can observe the global distribution of cyber attacks and monitor the intensity and frequency of such activities in different regions. By visualizing the scale and nature of cyber attacks, CyberThreatMap highlights the importance of cybersecurity measures and encourages users to take necessary precautions to protect their digital assets.

6. v1 windows 93

Windows93 is a web-based operating system simulation that replicates the look and feel of a Windows 9x operating system. It provides a nostalgic experience for users by recreating the retro aesthetic of older Windows versions.

When you visit the website, you’ll be greeted with a virtual desktop interface resembling Windows 95 or Windows 98. It includes various elements such as a start menu, icons, wallpapers, and applications that mimic the experience of using a vintage Windows operating system. You can explore different features, open applications like a text editor or a media player, and interact with the virtual desktop environment.


This Man is a website that presents an urban legend and psychological experiment revolving around a mysterious man who allegedly appears in the dreams of numerous individuals around the world.

According to the legend, the same man with a distinctive appearance shows up in the dreams of various people from different cultures and backgrounds. The website provides information, stories, and purported testimonies from individuals who claim to have encountered this man in their dreams.


CrimeOnline is a website that provides news, articles, and information related to crime and criminal justice. It covers a wide range of topics including true crime stories, missing persons cases, criminal investigations, and legal issues.

The website features news updates on high-profile criminal cases, interviews with experts and law enforcement officials, as well as analysis and commentary on various aspects of crime and justice. It aims to provide a platform for discussions and awareness surrounding crime-related matters.

3. cryptomundo

Cryptomundo is a website that focuses on cryptozoology, which is the study of creatures or beings whose existence has not been scientifically proven, such as Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, or Yeti.

The website features articles, news, and discussions related to cryptozoology and cryptozoological investigations. It covers a wide range of topics, including sightings, eyewitness accounts, expeditions, and theories surrounding these mysterious creatures. Cryptomundo aims to provide a platform for cryptozoology enthusiasts, researchers, and curious individuals to share information, engage in discussions, and explore the world of cryptozoology.


this website is so confusing and weird and i didnt get it its a basic website with interconnected links. But there is amazing things and some hings are not normal but you can visit it .


This website appears to promote and provide information on Satanism and related philosophies. It explores various aspects of Satanism as a religious or philosophical belief system. Including alternative perspectives on spirituality, morality, and individual freedom.

It’s important to note that Satanism encompasses a range of beliefs and practices. There are different branches and interpretations within the broader concept of Satanism. Some individuals identify as Satanists as a form of religious or spiritual expression, while others may adopt it as a symbol of rebellion or personal empowerment.

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