Russia vs ukraine cyber war consequences and effects

A Ukrainian hacker group called Cyber.Anarchy.Squad has claimed responsibility for an attack that resulted in the disruption of Russian telecom provider Infotel JSC. Infotel, based in Moscow, offers connectivity services between the Russian Central Bank, other Russian banks, online stores, and credit institutions.

As a consequence of the attack, several major banks in Russia experienced a loss of access to the country’s banking systems, preventing them from making online payments. This information was first reported by the Ukrainian news site Economichna Pravda. Infotel has acknowledged the incident on its website, stating that it is currently working to restore the damaged systems caused by the “massive” attack.


Infotel JSC said, “We want to inform you that some of our network equipment has been damaged as a result of a massive hacker attack on the Infotel JSC network. Restoration work is currently underway, and additional timelines for completing the work will be announced. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.” IODA (International Organization of Digital Assets) also confirmed that Infotel is actively working on restoring its systems, which remained offline even after 34 hours of being knocked down.


The Ukrainian hacktivists, on their Telegram channel, announced the attack by stating, “All their infrastructure was destroyed, nothing living was left there.” They also revealed that Infotel has approximately 400 clients, with one-fourth of them being banks and the rest being credit institutions and car dealerships.

To prove their involvement, the hackers released screenshots allegedly showing their access to Infotel’s network, including a network diagram and a compromised email account. This is not the first time the Cyber.Anarchy.Squad has targeted Russian companies since emerging after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Previously, the group leaked online databases containing stolen information from breached systems of a Russian retailer and a jewelry manufacturer.

These leaked databases contained millions of records, including employee and customer information, as well as internal company emails.

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