Netflix’s stopped password sharing feature on  U.S.

Netflix’s stopped password sharing feature on  U.S.

Netflix’s stopped password sharing feature on  U.S.

The streaming service Netflix  started alerting members on Tuesday about its new password sharing policy, it does not mean  you can  use one account at one device. You can  share account your  family members using primary location.

Now question raise  how can we share  with  members who outside the town?

Netflix answered it  your family member can use  Netflix with additional charges of  $7.99 a month per person outside of their household using their account.

“Your Netflix account is for you and the people you live with  your household,” the company said in an email, which it posted to its blog on Tuesday.

Netflix launch new  subscription plan with  extra members membership  to its standard and premium plans without ads.

Netflix warned it will help  to stopped password sharing  and help  to  boost revenue and subscriber numbers, soon after the company began seeing growth stagnate.

Few months ago , Netflix was thought to  to rollout its crackdown on people who borrow other accounts. But downfall  Netflix subscriber and  earnings from premium subscription , Netflix implemented crackdown feature.

The company has said than more than 100 million members  share accounts, which is about 43% of its world user base. Due to this, Netflix said it has affected its ability to invest in new content.

Year ago Netflix outlined password-sharing guidance in four other countries: New Zealand, Canada, Portugal and Spain. Netflix said it would ask members in those countries to set a “primary location” for their accounts, and allow users to establish two sub accounts for those who don’t live in their home base for extra fees.

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