Kali Linux 2023.2 released with 13 new tools

Kali Linux 2023.2 released with 13 new tools with a pre-built hyperactive- V image, including the Evilginx frame for stealing credentials and session eyefuls.Kali Linux is a distribution designed for ethical hackers to perform penetration testing, security checkups, and cybersecurity exploration against networks.

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With this release, the Kali Linux Team introduces a variety of new features, including New VM image for Hyper- V- With” Enhanced Session Mode” out of the box Xfce audio mound update enters PipeWire- Better audio for Kali’s dereliction desktopi3 desktop overhaul- i3- gaps intermingled with i3Desktop updates- Easy mincing in XfceGNOME 44- troll Shell interpretation bumpIcons & menus updates-New apps and icons in menu

New tools As always, colorful new packages added

Pre-built Hyper- V image

As part of the Kali Linux release, the Kali platoon has released apre-built hyperactive- V image configured for’ Enhanced Session Mode,’ which allows you to connect to the virtual machine using the Remote Desktop Protocol( RDP) for a better experience.

” Before that, enabling Enhanced Session Mode needed some homemade way, both on Windows and in the Kali VM, and it wasn’t super easy,” explains the Kali Linux Team.

” We hope that this new images provides a better out- of- the box experience for Hyper- V druggies. In fact, there should now be zero configuration needed.”

Enhanced Session Mode makes it easier to resize the desktop and share original bias, similar as USB drives, printers, or other tackle with the Kali Linux virtual machine.

To start using the new Hyper- V image, simply download it from prize it, and run the uprooted’install-vm.bat’ script.

This will launch a PowerShell script that automatically creates a new Hyper- V virtual machine using the downloaded image and will set the VM to use two processors if available.

Thirteen new tools in Kali Linux 2023.2

We say it with every release, but it wouldn’t be a new Kali Linux interpretation without some new toys to play with.

Kali Linux 2023.2 released with 13 new tools
Kali Linux 2023.2 released with 13 new tools

Below are the thirteen new tools added in Kali 2023.2

Cilium- cli- Install, manage & troubleshoot Kubernetes clusters

Cosign– Container Signing

Eksctl– Official CLI for Amazon EKS

Evilginx– Standalone man- in- the- middle attack frame used for phishing login credentials along with session eyefuls, allowing for the bypass of 2- factor authentication

GoPhish– Open- Source Phishing Toolkit

Humble– A fast security- acquainted HTTP heads analyzer

Slim( toolkit)– Do n’t change anything in your vessel image and minify it

Syft– Generating a Software Bill of Accoutrements from vessel images and filesystems

Terraform– Safely and predictably produce, change, and ameliorate structure

Tetragon- eBPF- grounded Security Observability and Runtime Enforcement

TheHive- A Scalable, Open Source and Free Security Incident Response Platform

Trivy– Find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, secrets, SBOM in holders, Kubernetes, law depositories, shadows and further

Wsgidav– Generic and extendable WebDAV garçon grounded on WSGI

New PipeWire audio subsystem

This interpretation of Kali Linux brings a new audio subsystem, with the platoon replacing the PulseAudio sound garçon system with PipeWire.PipeWire is a ultramodern audio garçon for Linux that provides dropped quiescence, enhanced Bluetooth support, and more.While the Xfce desktop terrain doesn’t natively support PipeWire, Kali states that they’re using the pipewire- palpitation daemon to act as a comity subcaste, allowing operations designed for PuleAudio to work with PipeWire.

” But let’s get back to Kali’s dereliction desktop terrain Xfce. Xfce doesn’t really” support” PipeWire per se, but it doesn’t need to. PipeWire provides a comity subcaste, under the form of the pipewire- palpitation daemon,” participated history’s Kali advertisement.

” And that’s what make the magic happens operations that were meant to work with PulseAudio keep working as if nothing happed, blissfully ignorant of the change.”

Desktop and UI changes

This Kali Linux interpretation also brings new updates and features to the Xfce and Gnome desktops.

For Xfce, the’ GtkHash’ extension was added, allowing you to right- click on a train and elect the hash functions you wish to use to cipher a hash of the train.

troll has also been streamlined to interpretation 44, bringing streamlined Kali theming, a new Settings app, and image thumbnails in the train namer. The Kali Team has also added a new” Tiling Assistant” to Gnome, adding fresh UI features.

” Enjoy intuitive window snapping,multi-monitor support, customizable keyboard lanes, and substantiated settings, all designed to enhance your productivity and workflow,” explained the Kali Team.

Kali Linux 2023.2 released with 13 new tools

How to get Kali Linux 2023.2

To start using Kali Linux 2023.2, you can upgrade your being installation, elect a platform, or directly download ISO images for new installs and live distributions.

For those streamlining from a former interpretation, you can use the following commands to upgrade to the rearmost interpretation.

echo” ingenue http// kali- rolling main contribnon-freenon-free-firmware”| sudo tee/ etc/ apt/sources.list

sudo apt update & & sudo apt- y full- upgrade

cp- vrbi/ etc/ skel/.

– f/ var/ run/ reboot- needed) & & sudo reboot- f

still, upgrade to WSL2 for a better experience, including the capability to use graphical apps, If you’re running Kali on the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

You can check the WSL interpretation used by Kali with the’ wsl- l- v’ command in a Windows command advisement.

formerly done elevation, you can check if the upgrade was successful by using the following command

grep interpretation/ etc/ zilches- release

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