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How to get adsense approval in new blogs in 30 days

How to get adsense approval in new blogs in 30 days

How to get adsense approval in new blogs in 30 days

In 2023 everyone wants to make money online through  Adsense Approval.But is it possible to earn money  from online? simplest ways to make money online is  publishing  blogs and article  that should be adsense friendly as well as user friendly. After that, you  have Google Adsense approval to your website or blog to  earn revenue. It is easy and simple, But mostly beginners  failed to get Google Adsense approval because they do not follow the Basic  of  Adsense approval.

In this blogs I will gonna share  my experiences to new comers and beginers about bloggings.

1. you should have gmail create it &  pc(preferred) or Mobile

How to get adsense approval in new blogs in 30 days

You should have gmail  to do bloggings. Obiviously in this time everyone have it. But you have a pc easy to write or  and editing thumbnail.

2. Buy a top Level domain .com, .in,.info (.com preferred) from any domain providers

How to get adsense approval in new blogs in 30 days

In the first phase of bloggings    you should buy a domain and hosting from go daddy,hostinger (preferred) then you  can check out in  youtube how to install wordpress etc. After that you have to choose beautiful  and  your article friendly themes (paid preferred) I know you can get it from some where.  I recommended to use generatepress,astra,jannah etc. then customize the themes  and make it nice it using youtuube tutorial .

3. Search about bloggings  keywords  which is releted to you

you can find different  tools to find keywords  for your blogs :-

  • ahrefs keyword explorer
  • semrush keyword finder
  • google ads

4.Write a unique blog using chatgpt and  recreate  yourself(Recommended)

GIve a title to chatgpt   using chatgpt extensions  AIRPM  use it very usefull.Then copy it and edit in Ms word  and  recreate it with your words make it unique.

5.  Create pages contact us, Disclaimer, About us, Privacy policy, DMCA

This pages is very necessary  pages  for monetization  your blogs otherwise   google  reject your site. Make pages without third class word you can make it using different websites.

6. Optimize your sites using  css and make it device friendly

You can optimize your website   using css  not use plugins(Recommended) . You can use css and html  from  research  in google. I suggest  to use wp rocket to optimize your website. I mention Below  Neccesary plugins.

7. Write one article  in a day   untill 30 Days

Write  one  article  in a day  unique. Write  blogs using others website cross reffrence  but not copy others content  otherwise you will  rejected.

8. Search engine optimization (SEO) [Most Important]

The most important thing is  in blogging is  seo. You have to care  about  in  page seo or website seo, backinks , no spam

You can use yoast seo for best  seo plugins  it was veeery helpful for beginner easy interface.

9.Most  have plugins  for blogger

1.     Sitekit ==> It is for traffics analysis  and   easy to submit adsense
2.     Not Send for adsense approval  without complete 35 articles  in your blogs
4.     Wp Rocket ==>  It is used for optimize your site to load faster
5.     Image optimizer==> You can use  image optimizer  for png jpeg to webp  convert it helps to boost your speed  up your sites
6.     Yoast seo ==> It is easy to use  this plugin to check your seo  of your posts. It generates sitemaps, robot.txts, etc
7.     Microsoft clarity ==> It is optional but it is easy  for after adsense approval  to increase your revenue
At last and Most important is you should get more than 20000 traffics from organic searchs

Comment on This post for 100% organic traffic I will reply you

after that you should  put ads.txt in your root directory  of your siteThen you apply for adsense wait for 3 days  google will approved your site for ads
How to get adsense approval in new blogs in 30 days
So, if you follow all the things  mentioned above then can easily get Google AdSense approval in 2023. You can comment in this post if  you have not I will fix it.


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