Elon Musk publicly unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck and features

Elon Musk has made the Tesla Cybertruck public. The event took place at the company’s headquarters in Texas on Friday, where the Tesla Cybertruck was officially unveiled.

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Musk mentioned that there are more than a million reservations for the Cybertruck, but he did not provide clear details about pricing or the company’s production targets.

During the event, the Cybertruck was showcased defeating a Porsche 911. This was the first public unveiling by Tesla, which had initially planned to distribute the truck in 2021 after its public reveal in 2019.

However, due to the challenges posed by COVID-19, the company had set a distribution date for 2022. After facing various challenges, the company finally made the Cybertruck public in 2023, extending the timeline by a year.

As for the Cybertruck’s specifications, it gained significant attention on social media platforms. Musk conducted a bulletproof testing video on Instagram. The standard variant of the vehicle is claimed to have a range of 250 miles (400 kilometers), according to the company.

Additionally, the “All-Wheel Drive” and “Cyber Beast” variants are said to provide ranges of 340 miles (547 kilometers) and 320 miles (514 kilometers) respectively. Musk highlighted that the Cybertruck is capable of long trips and can tow heavy trailers.

The Cybertruck’s tagline, “Cyber Beast,” claims it can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.6 seconds, a speed comparable to high-performance sports cars.

The vehicle’s body is made of stainless steel, making it the first car of its kind globally, as noted by international media outlets. It features Armor Glass, designed to resist even baseball impacts at speeds of 70 miles per hour, according to the company’s claims.

Musk revealed that the truck’s doors are bulletproof and can withstand bullets of caliber 45 and 9 millimeters.

The base model of the Tesla Cybertruck, available until 2025, starts at a price of $60,990 (approximately 81 lakhs in local currency). The “All-Wheel Drive” model, available from 2024, is priced at $79,990 (1 crore in local currency), and the upcoming Cyber Beast model, available next year, is priced at $99,990 (approximately 1.32 crores in local currency). Specific information about battery capacity is not available.


Elon Musk publicly introduced the Tesla Cybertruck at the company’s Texas headquarters, revealing over a million reservations. However, details on pricing and production targets remain unclear. The Cybertruck, showcased defeating a Porsche 911, faced delays due to COVID-19, ultimately becoming available in 2023. Social media buzzed about its features, including bulletproof doors and impressive acceleration. The base model starts at $60,990, with variants priced up to $99,990, but battery specifications are undisclosed.

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