Bangladeshi hackers attacking French websites

Bangladeshi hackers attacking French websites: A dangerous apocalypse is ahead for France Cyberspace and we will continue the assault until you beg for forgiveness,
Cyber 71 posted on Facebook

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A Bangladeshi hacker group, Cyber 71, claimed responsibility for carrying out a series of cyber attacks on several French commercial websites on Sunday.
From their Facebook page, “Cyber 71 -We Work to Protect Bangladesh,” the hacker group updated a list of 10 French websites which they claimed have hacked since early Sunday.Visiting the websites upto 6pm, the hacked interface (cover page) by Cyber 71 was found in six sites. Four among them were showing the regular homepage.

The Facebook post stated that eight more French websites have come under attack by a team of Algeria named, achraf Dz.“Operation launched by Muslim Hackers against France for insulting Prophet Muhammad (SM) and abusing Islam publicly. A dangerous apocalypse is ahead for France Cyberspace and we will continue the assault until you beg for forgiveness. Get Ready! — Greetz # Cyber 71, All Hackers of #OPFRANCH, #BoycottFrenceProducts,” the claimed hacked website homepage stated.

An instrumental audio was heard playing in the background while visiting the reportedly hacked websites, and a photograph of Emmanuel Macron – with eyes closed – were displayed.A member from the hacking group also claimed to the media that they have hacked 40-50 important commercial websites of France but all the names were not published. They have allegedly targeted more websites to carry out cyber attacks.

Bangladeshi hackers  attacking French  websites

Cyber 71, in a latest post , urged people to hack French websites following training from another Facebook group (OpFR by Bangladesh) by sharing their link.

They said they would continue the attack until the French authorities “begged for forgiveness” publicly, the hacker group claimed.When contacted over an email regarding the confirmation of the cyber attacks, the French Embassy in Dhaka was yet to respond.

AFM Al Kibria, deputy commissioner of Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s cyber crime investigation department, told Dhaka Tribune: “Hacking is a criminal offence, we always discourage it.”“The hacking of French websites by Cyber 71 is not under our concern so far. If we get any complaint regarding this, we will take necessary measures afterwards,” the law enforcement official added.

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