Amazon has brought its own AI, creating photos to provide business idea.

Amazon has brought its own AI chatbot, offering services from creating photos to providing business ideas.

The e-commerce platform Amazon has recently made its AI tool public. The company, in a recent program, unveiled its AI-based chatbot ‘Amazon Q’ and image generator tool. According to the CEO, Adam Selipsky, this chatbot will be available for use by Adobe’s customers in the initial phase. Customers can use this chatbot for chatting, creating content, and other creative tasks. The company claims that this tool, with training data of up to 17 years from Amazon Web Services, will provide advanced responses compared to other tools.

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Additionally, users can store documents in this tool and use it to ask questions based on the stored documents. This tool can be employed for various creative tasks, including extracting information from the user’s system, their data repository, and understanding their work. The CEO Selipsky has expressed that this tool can be used by businesses as a knowledge assistant.

The company has provided information that users can utilize this tool by paying an annual fee of $20. However, the AI image generator tool from Amazon, known as ‘Titan Image Generator,’ is exclusively available for Adobe’s customers. This tool allows users to generate images based on text input.

Furthermore, users can customize their existing photos using this tool, as mentioned by the company in the program. Amazon has disclosed that Titan Image Generator has been trained on diverse datasets from ‘Diverse Set of Datasets.’ However, the specifics of what constitutes a diverse set of data have not been clarified.

In the current market, there is a growing trend of developing AI tools for image creation. Specialized AI and open AI tools can be used to generate photos based on textual input.

Apart from Amazon, companies like Adobe and Getty Images are also actively engaged in developing such tools. The company has not provided information about whether these tools will be available for free or not.

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